Local SEO Checklist 2023 – Improve Your Local Search Rankings


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The Local SEO Checklist is an informational resource built to help you optimize your local business & website to rank when consumers are searching

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    Whether you’re just starting out or are an expert, we hope that our helpful guides and resources will be useful in your local search journey 🚀

    On-Page SEO Elements

    Optimize title tags

    Your title tags need to be concise with keywords you want to rank for.

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    Structure your URLs

    Clean and simple URLs are more SEO-friendly.

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    Optimize your images

    Heavy images can make your site slow-to-load.

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    optimize your navigation menu

    Items on your navigation menu should be made indexable.

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    feature complete location data

    Have a Contact Us page featuring the NAP of all your business locations.

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    Use structured data markup

    Adding schema markup to your website improves SEO.

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    Pay Attention To XML Sitemap

    XML sitemaps make it easier for Google to find your site’s pages & also improve SEO.

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    Setup 301 Redirects

    Use 301 redirects to point traffic to new URLs or domains.

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    All Things Google

    Provide accurate data on your Google listing

    A detailed GMB listing can help users pick your business over competitors.

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    Select Business Categories Carefully

    Pick the right main & additional categories to rank for more search keywords.

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    Setup Google Webmasters

    Webmasters will help keep track of your site’s search performance.

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    Setup Google Analytics

    Google Analytics can help you analyze your website’s data better.

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    Develop a mobile-friendly website

    Google’s algorithm ranks mobile-first sites higher.

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    Top Business Directories

    Create/Claim Bing Listing

    Getting listed on Bing can help you earn more leads for your business.

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    Get On Social Platforms

    Identify the platforms where your customers are and make your business visible.

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    Create/Claim Yelp listing

    Yelp is one of the most popular sites for business discovery and reviews.

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    Create/Claim listings on other directories

    Ensure presence on all directories to increase your chances of being found.

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    Build Citations

    Submit citations to top 50 sites

    Get featured on the top citation sites for more referral traffic.

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    Check competitors citations

    Find where your competitors are and get on those sites as well.

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    Customer Reviews & Testimonials

    Monitor and respond to reviews regularly

    Replying to reviews can help you build a relationship with your customers.

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    Add recognizable testimonials

    Display reviews from existing local customers to improve your business’ credibility.

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    Look to generate more reviews

    Getting more positive reviews can improve your overall rating and attract more customers.

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    Website Content & Backlinking

    Remove duplicate content

    Check your website for duplicate content.

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    Build quality backlinks

    Work towards acquiring backlinks on sites with high domain authority.

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    Create a new project